Top Tips

  • Remove valuables out of the car
  • Keep vehicle doors and windows locked when ever you leave it
  • Never leave documents in a vehicle, identity thieft is on the rise
  • Fit an approved alarm and use it
  • Consider fitting a tracker to performance or prestige models, this will also help reduce your insurance costs
  • Use additional security devices as deterrents. The more visible the better
  • Park with security in mind. Use your garage for your car not for storage! Park in well lit areas
  • Registration etching on window glass. Helps recover and identify the car if its stolen
  • Prevent car jacking. Drive with your doors locked
  • Do not leave your car keys in a visible area in the house. Car thieves can 'Fish' them through your letter box
  • Make sure your fully insured. If the worst does happen....
  • Remove your Sat Nav from view. Best to take it with you
  • Never leave animals and keys in the car unattended together. Really, bad idea, honest. The animals have a habit of stepping on the lock door button, happens all the time.

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